We are a startup company founded in March 2018. As noticed by the company title made by combining 'philos,' meaning love, and 'phos,' meaning light, we pursue commercialization of various innovative optical technologies. 

Currently, we are working on low-cost and compact optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems. Like Tesla making EVs out of totally new design, we began from development of core  components, such as spectrometer and light source driver, and then, we made a non-medical OCT system, which is mobile and wireless for the first time, to the best of our knowledge. 

Recently, we are aiming at OCT based retina imaging. They are cost-effective and ultra-compact, which will allow more patients ‌to benefit from this technology through point-of-care diagnostics and tele-ophthalmology.


To brighten the future of mankind by innovative optical technologies


To realize our unique and disruptive biomedical imaging devices

To contribute to humanity

‌To challenge global difficult issues


C O M P A N Y   H I S T O R Y

·    2018

Mar. - Founded at Pangyo Techno Valley, South Korea
Mar. - 1st paid-in capital increase (Seed)

Jun. - Selected for Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS)
Aug. - Venture Company certified
Oct. - Participated in Korea-France Startup Summit
Oct. - Selected for TIPS International Marketing program
Nov. - Selected for TIPS Commercialization program

·    2019

Mar. - R&D Center certified
Jun. - Participated in Korea-Finland Startup Summit
July - Headquarter moved to Daejeon
Aug. - Board of Directors constructed
Sep. - Spectrometer module (KUSPEC) launched to market
Oct. - 2nd paid-in capital increase (Pre-A)
Nov. - Participated in Slush in Finland, with KISED support

·    2020

Feb. - World-first mobile wireless OCT device demonstrated 
          at Photonics West 2020
July - Research on next-generation OCT technology funded
          by Korean government
Aug. - 3rd paid-in capital increase (Pre-A add.)
Oct. - Selected as final five for KSC-Inspira (Israel) 6-Wk program  

 ·    2021

Mar. - Selected for 2nd Shihan Open Innovation program
May - Selected for Biohealth Business US Localization program 
           at Washington DC 
May - Selected for Gyeonggi-do Medical Device Business 
            Nourishing program
Jun. - Selected for Contactless Business Startup Nourishing 




We welcome your applications.
Feel free to send it via CONTACT US link above.

We want to make our company the best place to work.
 We will do more as our company grows.
Currently, ... 

We emphasize work-life balance
Work only 8 hrs/day, 40 hrs/week, with your full attention
Come to work at your convenient time 
Three extra holidays for summer vacation
Birthday celebration and gift certificate
Free snacks and once-a-month company gathering for supper
Once-a-month female employee lunch.
Every month we select the employee of the month and award gift certificate
Help us complete this, when you join. 

Desirable traits of our employees

Try to become the world best in his or her field
Then we will treat you accordingly

Do not make a product bound by your limit

Stand in a customer's shoes
Think from a customer's point of view

Work efficiently and show your progress frequently
Let's develop good communication skills to maximize efficiency

Be flexible and curious on everything
This is the key to improve yourself

Align your vision with our vision. Match your DNA with our DNA
Let's work as one team

Pump your adrenaline and double your clock speed when you do repetitive jobs
Sometimes, speed matters.‌ Of course, take your time for creative activities.

Learn from mistakes
Everybody makes mistakes. But a wise one tries not to make the same again.

Care for your own career growth
Let's climb your career ladder by adding up all what you learn from your work.

Assess yourself objectively (Gnothi seauton)
Try to avoid Dunning-Kruger Effect

Believe in the power of collective intelligence
Admit that you can be wrong and be open to others' opinions.

Choose one. We will separate Loonshot from Franchise, with different evaluation & reward schemes
 Both are important. Creative activities and current business activities 

Address : Headquarter: ‌3rd Floor, ‌58 E‌oeun-ro 58 beon-gil, ‌Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34139, South Korea

                      R&D: #507-1 670 Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 13494, South Korea

Tel: +82-31-698-3101

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